The Caseload Forecast Council is located in a secure facility.  If you would like to visit our office, please call (360) 664-9380 to make an appointment.

Mailing address:

Caseload Forecast Council
PO Box 40962
Olympia, WA 98504-0962


  • Erik Cornellier, JD, MPA, Executive Director
  • Elaine Deschamps, PhD, Deputy Director
  • Kathleen Turnbow, Confidential Secretary
  • Shidong Zhang, PhD, Senior Forecaster
  • Paula Moore, MPA, Senior Forecaster
  • Erik Sund, MPA, Senior Forecaster
  • W. Webb Sprague, PhD, Senior Forecaster
  • Alex Ge, PhD, Senior Forecaster
  • Duc Luu, Database and Sentencing Administration Manager
  • Clela Steelhammer, Senior Criminal Justice Policy Analyst
  • Jennifer Jones, Research Analyst
  • Van Nguyen, Research Analyst