Information Technology Strategic Plan


The Caseload Forecast Council (CFC) Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan reflects our agency’s dedication to optimizing and maintaining CFC’s IT infrastructure and identifying areas for IT efficiency and innovation.


To maintain a quality and comprehensive technology infrastructure that supports the CFC’s mission of providing state government with accurate, unbiased, and transparent caseload forecasts as a foundation to the state budget process, and to provide accurate statewide adult and juvenile sentencing data as a foundation to criminal justice policies and practices.


Integrity, Expertise, Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability.


In the interest of government efficiency and compliance with statewide IT objectives, the CFC will partner with WaTech to fulfill enterprise IT requirements. Because we are a micro agency with 11 FTEs, this allows the CFC to operate without duplicative internal IT staff and to comply with statewide requirements that require entire staff divisions in other larger agencies.

  • Continue to adopt and follow WaTech and OCIO best practices;
  • Utilize the most efficient and up-to-date software and IT infrastructure as recommended by WaTech;
  • Ensure that employees utilize the best technology to efficiently and effectively do their work;
  • Protect and maintain the security of sensitive information that is in the custody of the CFC.

(as of 9/29/2021)